Graphic Designer Salary 2019

Graphic Designer Salary 2019


Is graphic designer still a promising career? Is graphic design jobs on high demand? How
much does a graphic designers get paid?

If you are looking forward towards a thrilling career experience in graphic design, all these
questions and many more should be crossing your mind and probably you don’t have a
trusted sources to guide your career path.

For students planning to enroll graphic design classes and eager to know if being a graphic
designer is a good career to choose, or college graduates looking for graphic design jobs,
Design Empire is your home for all your graphic design queries.

Ours is to inspire you and share winning tips with graphic design newbies or someone
who’s struggling to build a strong graphic design career.

We’ve got amazing ideas and inspirations on thriving as a graphic designer. We do this
from a point of experience because with over 5 years in this industry, we can boldly tell
what graphic design is all about in the modern world.

How To Become A Graphic Designer

The easiest way to get started as a graphic designer is to start building your skills as early
as at high school level. Let your passion drive you in exploring the industry and find the
best universities offering Graphic Design courses. Earn yourself a degree, complete your
internships, create a compelling portfolio and of course a captivating graphic designer

The next thing is just to stay current, apply for graphic design jobs and finally return to
school. Graphic design is one most competent field that requires you to be at par with
current technologies. So you need to check in once in a while and find out what’s new in
graphic design industry and work towards improving your skills by going back to school.

But What Exactly Is A Graphic Designer Salary?

Yes, you’ve got to have the designer salary update to know how much to expect in your
next job that you’ve applied for. This information is also vital for someone having a
scheduled interview. When they ask you, ‘what is your expected salary?’ You’ll know the
range to give and so you won’t miss out on the opportunity by giving crazy figures.

To an employed graphic designer, are you getting paid right for the level of your expertise
in this industry? Find out!

To ensure that you know whether you’re being rewarded correctly, ask us.
In this article, we’ve compiled a couple of information to help you build your dream
graphic designer job. Our role in this is to help you know the how much graphic designers
at different levels are getting paid at different localities.

Factors that influence graphic designer salary 2019

There are several key factors that determine how much a graphic designer should get paid.

 Work experience
 Job title
 Location

Let’s Look At How Much Graphic Designers Get Paid In The US


In New York City, according to the report released by Indeed and Payscale mid this year,
the average pay for a junior graphic designer is approximately $43,000. For senior graphic
designers, they get approximately $71,000 while design directors are paid around
$121,000 every month.

In UK, graphic design salary is slightly low because you’ll find out that a junior graphic
designer receives $22,209 while their senior counterparts get $39,968. For design
directors, they get $60,000. In Manchester, the figures are slightly lower.

When you go to Australia, the salary for graphic designers is comparatively higher. For
instance, a junior graphic designer on average receives $48,376, a senior graphic designer
is paid $79,573 while directors receives $142,918.

Other Factors

A graphic designer salary is most regions is also influenced by aspects such as the current
economy, government departments you’re working for and the present demand for graphic
design skills as well as the number of designers entering the job market.

With the increasing digitalization, graphic designer jobs are on high demand in every part
of the world. Every company now is realizing the need to incorporate graphic design as a
strategy to back their advertising. For both startups and existing businesses to survive the
global competition, more graphic designers are required every day.

The need for more firms to compete hiring best graphic designers is expected to be on an
uphill trend. So, whether you are a junior or senior graphic designer, you can be sure of a

starting salary enough to afford you a comfortable lifestyle. Designer directors will soon be
getting the most impressive salaries ever.

No matter the level you are in graphic design, all you need to know is that as you progress,
it can only get better. Newbies should focus on growing their graphic design career to
director level to get more rewarding pay for their work.

Get Moving!

Today, what you’re getting for your level of experience and expertise might not be what
you dreamt about when you first begun. Wake up and get moving! As you continue building
your portfolio, you build your graphic design resume as well.

Keep checking! Keep tracking as you compare your graphic design salary with the current
market offers. You’ll be amazed to find out how salary ranges widely even within your
location. The key factor here of course is the level of experience.

Don’t be left behind!

Guys are not sleeping. They’re busy building their careers by advancing their skill levels
and giving the best at their current jobs while allowing nothing deter their zeal to get to the
top. So, get motivated. Team up with other graphic designers. Join social media platforms
for graphic designers. Here, you’ll get to learn something new every day and get the
connections you need to make it to the next level of your graphic design job.

Do You Want To Visualize Your Graphic Design Dreams?

Let passion drive, money will come chasing you. The starting point is to get the right
connections and get an opportunity to work in a highly competent organization. Find an
environment where you can grow your skills.

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