It all starts in the mind

Our mind is really powerful. Everything starts from it, because our way of thinking it results to good or bad outcome.

You may have your awesome Freelance job today that pays the rent that lets you shop anything online at night, but a month or two from now you see yourself losing focus and your client slips away because they need to change the business structure and you put yourself in a spotlight to the point that you’re expendable. Say goodbye to Shopee and Lazada for the next three to six months.

As I was moving forward towards my journey in life I’ve seen that there are things to really consider as you grow up. Your knowledge goes up and everything should follow. Not on their own but you need to make a move and effort for them to also catch up with the way you think, the way you make a decision, the way you prioritize stuff, how you target your goals, how you meet your goals and so on.

The urgency and the need to upgrade from pentium 4 to core i9 8th generation with a 64 gig of RAM, 1080 GPU 8 gig is such way too far from the reality that you’re in now.

With that being said, I’d rather sleep myself back day dream, pretty smart move huh! but no! We’re all wide awake and struggling, Why? because we lack mental strength training. Definitely, I guarantee you I’m not an expert of mind training and all, but I do believe that we all need to be aware of what we put in our mind makes the outcome of what we portray.

I’m sure you got to the point of asking yourself what’s lacking? You’ve gone all the trainings and workshop but you still haven’t land the high paying job you dream of.

I tell you what, we also lack will-power. We want to have a freelance job but We’re afraid to do client calls and interviews on Skype. And yet we find valid reasons to convince ourselves and agree to our own self and say “Yes you’re right”. or “Yes you’re only a CRM specialist and you should stay in your lane” or probably “Yes, forget the call, stay where you’re happy”.

You’re happy of switching company after company? You’re happy of staying in your comfort zone and not growing at all? You’re happy that you’re boxed-in in a role that’s not your first choice? You’re happy that you kept repeating the same mistakes again and again? It’s a sad career pathway you’ve chosen.

It all starts in our mind. Because it is where we practice our decision making.

But we are have the same number of hands and feet, facial features and all, So I guess you’re reasons aren’t valid. There is no quitting in you in making a change in your career path. There is no reason why you wouldn’t show up on that workshop you’ve registered in. We are not a tree and so there’s no reason for you to stay in one area.

As Max Holloway said during the time he loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 236, “it is what it is, we win and we lose, the only way to go is up from here”

That line struck me, and I completely agree with what these fighters say, that they are fighters, and fighting is their life. But without mental toughness a Jose Aldo wouldn’t reign for 10 years without loosing to an opponent not until Conor Mcgregor took part. Again! mental strength. It all starts in the mind.

To become strong mentally you need to pass through that tunnel of hardships, pressures, challenges, terminations, failure after failure after another failure. Just like for example you’re training for your next marathon, 42k of struggles from start to finish. You’ve got your new on cloud running shoes, packed all you power gels, told your friends to take that epic finishing shot when you get to the finish line, and trained well for this race for three months.

Gun starts and 1,500 runners took off. you’ve kept your pace and you’re doing well, but struggles don’t come early, it comes along the way, as the song of Barry Manilow says; Somewhere down the road.

Mental training is important, Not an expert of yoga or meditation but I agree with this kind of practice. Training doesn’t mean you don’t get tired, You train your body so that when the pains starts, your mind takes over which gives you the strength to surpass the race and finish strong.

It’s a rewarding feeling, I didn’t say it’s a lovely feeling to pass through all that. But I encourage you to keep your head up and don’t regret the struggles. Remember this that It might have hurt your heart but somehow it opened your eyes. It’s a tough world we are in, mother nature always win and in this journey as a freelancer you don’t just focus on a single skill you’ve known ten years ago. you gotta be able to adapt and adjust to the industry and the reality.

“Life is like a game of chess. To win you have to make a move. Knowing which move to make comes with IN-SIGHT and knowledge, and by learning the lessons that are accumulated along the way. We become each an every piece within the game called life!” – Allan Rufus

By the way I am writing this blog to remind myself. Whenever I get frustrated in life I’ll go back to this post and read it back again. During the time I am writing this post I’ve also heard myself “You’re not a writer you’re just a graphic designer”,

but oh! “I’m not dreaming, I’m wide awake. Bring it!” -Michelle Waterson (UFC on Fox: VanZant vs. Waterson Octagon Interview)

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