Graphic Designer Salary 2019

Graphic Designer Salary 2019


Is graphic designer still a promising career? Is graphic design jobs on high demand? How
much does a graphic designers get paid?

If you are looking forward towards a thrilling career experience in graphic design, all these
questions and many more should be crossing your mind and probably you don’t have a
trusted sources to guide your career path.

For students planning to enroll graphic design classes and eager to know if being a graphic
designer is a good career to choose, or college graduates looking for graphic design jobs,
Design Empire is your home for all your graphic design queries.

Ours is to inspire you and share winning tips with graphic design newbies or someone
who’s struggling to build a strong graphic design career.

We’ve got amazing ideas and inspirations on thriving as a graphic designer. We do this
from a point of experience because with over 5 years in this industry, we can boldly tell
what graphic design is all about in the modern world.

How To Become A Graphic Designer

The easiest way to get started as a graphic designer is to start building your skills as early
as at high school level. Let your passion drive you in exploring the industry and find the
best universities offering Graphic Design courses. Earn yourself a degree, complete your
internships, create a compelling portfolio and of course a captivating graphic designer

The next thing is just to stay current, apply for graphic design jobs and finally return to
school. Graphic design is one most competent field that requires you to be at par with
current technologies. So you need to check in once in a while and find out what’s new in
graphic design industry and work towards improving your skills by going back to school.

But What Exactly Is A Graphic Designer Salary?

Yes, you’ve got to have the designer salary update to know how much to expect in your
next job that you’ve applied for. This information is also vital for someone having a
scheduled interview. When they ask you, ‘what is your expected salary?’ You’ll know the
range to give and so you won’t miss out on the opportunity by giving crazy figures.

To an employed graphic designer, are you getting paid right for the level of your expertise
in this industry? Find out!

To ensure that you know whether you’re being rewarded correctly, ask us.
In this article, we’ve compiled a couple of information to help you build your dream
graphic designer job. Our role in this is to help you know the how much graphic designers
at different levels are getting paid at different localities.

Factors that influence graphic designer salary 2019

There are several key factors that determine how much a graphic designer should get paid.

 Work experience
 Job title
 Location

Let’s Look At How Much Graphic Designers Get Paid In The US


In New York City, according to the report released by Indeed and Payscale mid this year,
the average pay for a junior graphic designer is approximately $43,000. For senior graphic
designers, they get approximately $71,000 while design directors are paid around
$121,000 every month.

In UK, graphic design salary is slightly low because you’ll find out that a junior graphic
designer receives $22,209 while their senior counterparts get $39,968. For design
directors, they get $60,000. In Manchester, the figures are slightly lower.

When you go to Australia, the salary for graphic designers is comparatively higher. For
instance, a junior graphic designer on average receives $48,376, a senior graphic designer
is paid $79,573 while directors receives $142,918.

Other Factors

A graphic designer salary is most regions is also influenced by aspects such as the current
economy, government departments you’re working for and the present demand for graphic
design skills as well as the number of designers entering the job market.

With the increasing digitalization, graphic designer jobs are on high demand in every part
of the world. Every company now is realizing the need to incorporate graphic design as a
strategy to back their advertising. For both startups and existing businesses to survive the
global competition, more graphic designers are required every day.

The need for more firms to compete hiring best graphic designers is expected to be on an
uphill trend. So, whether you are a junior or senior graphic designer, you can be sure of a

starting salary enough to afford you a comfortable lifestyle. Designer directors will soon be
getting the most impressive salaries ever.

No matter the level you are in graphic design, all you need to know is that as you progress,
it can only get better. Newbies should focus on growing their graphic design career to
director level to get more rewarding pay for their work.

Get Moving!

Today, what you’re getting for your level of experience and expertise might not be what
you dreamt about when you first begun. Wake up and get moving! As you continue building
your portfolio, you build your graphic design resume as well.

Keep checking! Keep tracking as you compare your graphic design salary with the current
market offers. You’ll be amazed to find out how salary ranges widely even within your
location. The key factor here of course is the level of experience.

Don’t be left behind!

Guys are not sleeping. They’re busy building their careers by advancing their skill levels
and giving the best at their current jobs while allowing nothing deter their zeal to get to the
top. So, get motivated. Team up with other graphic designers. Join social media platforms
for graphic designers. Here, you’ll get to learn something new every day and get the
connections you need to make it to the next level of your graphic design job.

Do You Want To Visualize Your Graphic Design Dreams?

Let passion drive, money will come chasing you. The starting point is to get the right
connections and get an opportunity to work in a highly competent organization. Find an
environment where you can grow your skills.

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Why Branding Is So Important?

Why Branding Is So Important?


Every successful business needs a name, design or symbol that is easily and uniquely
identifiable and distinguishes its products/services from its competitors. This is what
branding is all about.

The key significance of product branding is to create a memorable impression on your
customers as well as to help them know at glance exactly what to expect. So, if you are
looking for a way to distinguish yourself from your competitors and tell the world what you
offer to make you the better choice, its time you take a deep thought of what branding can
do to your business.

Not Everything Is A DIY

A worthy brand doesn’t just happen. It incorporates a well thought out strategy and plans
to create the brand experience you’ve always dreamt about. That’s why you’ve got to have
branding professionals do it for you.

At Design Empire, we are all about graphic design and our work is to help you find some
graphics that match your brand. With over 5 years of experience in this industry, creating
visual identities, packaging, digital assets, print materials and an endless list of design
oddments has been our key specialties. All these coupled with our passion in helping
hundreds of companies’ boost their brand awareness is what we pride ourselves in.

10 Reasons Why Branding Is Important For Your Small Business

Boosts Your Brand Awareness

Branding is everything you do to enhance the way your customers perceive you. It
promotes your recognition to help customers be at ease when purchasing your products.
Building a strong brand is what gives your audience a perfect sense of purpose and
direction in today’s hostile environment. Its time startups and small businesses realize that
branding is not a thing for the big and renowned businesses.

Increases Your Competence

Gaining a competitive edge in the world’s economy today is not a joke. Whether you are a
business startup, small or medium organization, the awareness of hundreds of thousands
organizations offering similar product/services should tell you that you’ve got to secure a
space in the global market more than ever before.

Creates Loyalty

Having catchy logos and elegant looking business cards is of great essence but the reality of
the matter is that this in itself is not enough. Businesses that recognize how to win the
loyalty of their target audience through branding experience mega breakthroughs amidst

Branding Gives Voice To Your Business

A highly interactive product can never be without branding. It talks about the ‘you’ in your
brand, who you are and what you believe in. A strong brand meets the eyes of your
audience before you even speak a word. It tells your audience about your personality and
values at glance.

Builds Confidence With Your Audience

Before you tell them why your brand is the better option, they first want to know what the
product / service means to you. How much you respect your business can only be
expressed through branding.

It’s A Real Representation Of You

Real branding that takes your organization to the next level is not a trickery to lure your
audience. We make your brand represent your real you, nothing more, nothing less.
At Design Empire, we partner with you to create a brand that delivers a clear message of
who you are and reaffirm your credibility. On top of this, we build a strong brand that
builds an emotional connect your target audience as well as generate a sense of loyalty,
confidence and good will to motivate them to buy or take the next step.

Gives Clarity To Your Staff

Nothing can be more significant to a business than a strategy that incorporates the staff by
giving them clarity of how to act, win and meet your organization’s goals. A strong
branding tells everyone including your staff of your business DNA. Find a freelance graphic
designer to help create a brand that motivates and directs your staff towards achieving
your business goals.

Viral Traffic To Your Website

When customers engage with your brand in the right way, they own it and they can
confidently refer the brand they love. For how can they tell others about a brand they cant

Our work is to help our clients with a strong brand website technology that takes your
website to the next level. We create brands that is clear and consistent to keep your
customers at ease by making them know exactly what to expect every time they buy your
products. We help you keep the promise.

Guides you stay focused

It is possible for every business to wander from idea to idea if there’s nothing to guide you.
Now that you want to fix your energy on your original goals and plans, you’ve got to have a
clear brand strategy that glues you to your organization’s mission and vision regardless of
the financial times you are in.

Design Empire focusses at creating strategies that guides your marketing strategies thus
saving you time and money.

Did you know that buying is an emotional experience? I thought you should know.
Out of experience, we know that purchasing is an emotional experience. Buyers feel great
when they buy a product /service they’re emotionally connected with. The emotional level
at which your customers engage with your brand is a redefining factor in the success of
your business.

Buyers may have no idea of your physical assets. What connects them with your business is
the value they get from your brand. Its branding that creates a value that far exceeds your
business physical value.

Backings To Advertising


Advertising alone is not enough without a strong branding. Both are important components
in boosting brand awareness. So, a strategically planned brand can make advertising more

What Are You Waiting For?

Now that you know why branding is so important, what’s next? You definitely need to
create a strong brand that generates new customers, creates trust in the market place,
increases your business value, and gets you recognized as well as improving your employee
pride and satisfaction.

For all these and many more, Design Empire has got you sorted. Our team of highly
experienced and skilled graphic designers is on boarding ready to help materialize your
vision through branding.

Contact Us

Starting a new project? Visit or emails us on not and lets know how we can help you.


How Long Should A Logo Design Take?

How Long Should A Logo Design Take?


Graphic design is ultimately an important thing for every business. It helps materialize
your business vision in ways that plain words alone cannot illuminate. Whether you are
looking for logo, social media design, mockup designs, book covers, video projects and
presentation design services or more, has got you covered.

Today, lets’ talk about creating a company logo.

Whether you’re running a new or an existing business, a company logo is one of the
fundamentals you’ve got to think about. Regardless of the size of your business, we work
with you to develop a logo that fits your brand vision and echoes with your preferred target

Design Empire is your home for all your graphic design needs. So, if you’re looking for a
Freelance graphic designer to help materialize your vision, look no further.

For How Long Will I Have To Wait To Have My Logo?

With the clear understanding about the importance of setting a digital footprint for your
business, you can’t wait to have your company logo now. If you are creating a logo for the
first time, probably you don’t have a realistic idea of how long logo design should take,

The logo design process mostly depends on the amount of time and money you are ready to
spend. It also greatly depends on who your design agency is and whether they’re able to
deliver in real-time. Different logo designers have different logo creation processes hence
different timescales.

But How Does The Process Usually Look Like?

Branding is a core undertaking in every successful business today. As you think of a
company logo, don’t focus on anything less than a memorable logo that has its own voice. If
you are working on your first logo and you don’t know how to go about it, we’ve got the
process breakdown to help you understand this significant path your business is taking.

Meet The Designer

This can either be a one-on-one meeting or over the phone conversation with your logo
designer. It mostly depends on your geographical location and your availability because in
most cases, you’ll be working with freelancer designers who are miles away. The main
thing at this level is to make the designer understand your company needs for the logo and
get a clear picture of what it is that you’re looking for.

At Design Empire, we listen to you to make your dreams a reality. With the realization of
how poor graphic can harm your business, logo creation is not something we can afford to
take lightly.

If you’ve have had several disgusting outcomes in your attempt to design graphics for your
business, don’t give up, it’s not yet over. Join a happy family of clients at Design Empire
and revive your dreams to boosting your brand awareness and achieve success with no
limits in digital marketing.

Design Brief & Project Proposal

Planning for the project proposal is vital. At this point you’ll get some design briefs and
proposals as we round up on the logo design that suits your timeline and budget.


This is where real work is. We do a comprehensive research based on your company
branding requirements to deliver a logo that boldly yet loudly speaks for you. Our highly
experienced and skilled team of designers are on board to give tips, ideas and inspirations
on the entire context of branding for a successful business. We always ensure that you’re a
step ahead of your competitors.

Sketching & Concept Drawing

At Design Empire, your project as unique as you. With our expertise, coupled with skills
and high levels of competence and integrity, we work on delivering the company logo that
your business needs to go to the next level. To us, it’s not just any other business.

Our team of designers are working around the clock to deliver real time design concepts
that are in line with the digital space today. To make this a reality, we always ensure that
we’re at par with the digital technologies by using latest versions design software and
materials our designers require to deliver exactly what you need.

Review Meeting

This is where we present to you the finalized draft at glance for your perusal. Just let us
know where you feel you need some adjustments or improvements before we produce the
final thing. Here, we’ve got real conversations to get the finest upshot.

Logo Design Duration Depends On Several Aspects


Design task can take as long as forever before you get the final endings. Why? Everyday
there’s always something new to enhance your design. You, can only run out of time.

Who is your logo maker?

In logo creation, different designers deliver in different timelines. You don’t have to wait for
decades to get your logo done. All you need to work with a design agency or a freelance
designer who delivers in real-time.

At Design Empire, we understand what a company logo is to a business at any level and
that’s why our determination to deliver our projects on time has always been our core

We work as a team of highly dedicated and experience logo makers and together we deliver
professional logos with high speed and accuracy. What other designers can do in a day, we
do it in an hour!

How to find logo makers

Are you starting a new project and looking for project advocates? Design Empire is all what
you need. Our work is to help elevate your brand by creatively incorporating designs, icons
and symbols that tell the world who you really are.

In awareness of the heightening global competition, our mission is drive your brand ahead
and make you known at glance by your target audience.

Is it expensive to create a logo?

Logo design requires substantial time and effort to help create a strong brand identity that
takes you brand to the future. There is no standard logo design fee and the amount charged
depends on who your logo creator is and the type of logo you choose for your business.

There are logos that can be created in a minute while others require a lot of
professionalism and research thus expensive.

Contact us

If you are starting on a new project, lets us start together! For more information about us,
Click or send an email at


Your Brand Is Not Just Your Logo

Why your brand is not just a logo



While it’s attainable to hire a graphic designer in Philippines for creating your logo, building your brand is harder. It might even take you a few tries before you can start using it. In fact, building a brand will always be a Goliath to any unsuspecting David. It will be even harder if you don’t acknowledge your brand for what it really is. What is your brand, really? In this article, we’ll break down why your brand is more than just a logo.

What is your brand?

These days, many pseudo-experts throw in plenty of meanings to the word brand—without fully acknowledging its essence. At its core, your brand is a corporate asset in your business. Cut all the fat and what will remain is a tool to make you earn more money. This is what doctors Schultz & Schultz believe in their book, “Brand Babble: Sense and Nonsense About Branding”. Besides being an asset, your brand is a promise of quality, reliability, and relief to your customer chain. By materializing this promise, you’ll make more money.

What is brand equity and why is it important?

Your brand equity is your brand’s commercial value. It’s important because it determines how your brand does well in the market, especially in your customer base. A brand with positive brand equity is more valuable, which means you can actually charge your products or service for a higher price. On the other hand, a brand with negative brand equity will have customers opting for your competitors. And some of them might even have a cheaper version of your product or service. Some good examples of brands having positive, even outstanding, brand equity are Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Facebook, and Apple. Meanwhile, brands that did an oopsie in preserving their brand equities are Bic, Kellog’s, and Kenneth Cole. Theirs are cautionary tales that will make any marketer tremble.

How to spot an effective brand from a mile away

Before you rush to hire a graphic designer or a copywriter, you must learn how to detect a well-performing brand. And make sure to take down some notes, too!

1. It leaves a lasting impression.

What do iconic brands have in common? Overall, these brands have captivating stories, a solid brand identity, and a strong community. And those iconic brands didn’t slack off after making a strong first impression. Perform a rigorous brand audit and you will sustain a memorable brand.

2. It has meaning.

Being a brand with meaning takes more than just having values. Did you know that most people would feel fine if 77% of the world’s brands didn’t exist? Therefore, take heed and truly deliver that magic that your product or service promises. Besides that, you must invest in efforts that aim to improve your customers’ quality of life. Stand for something. Be responsible.

3. It’s adaptable.

Brands that adapt well to the tides of time also last long. There is no single formula; however, brands that do it right know how to listen. Now, you don’t have to rebrand every year. Just be firm with one lasting idea at the heart of your brand. This way, you won’t lose your brand identity even if you strive to evolve.

4. It’s transferable

Remember brand equity? Savvy brands have transferable brand elements; therefore, it’s also easy for them to transfer their brand equity. That means their new products or services will instantly make an impression because of their strong brand equity.

5. People can’t get enough of it.

Likeable brands are also effective brands. They don’t have to try hard to communicate themselves. That’s because their customers like them—people tend to respond more to brands they adore. To become more likeable, you don’t have to try too hard or take yourself seriously. Just focus on getting to know your customers and providing real value to them.

6. It is secure.

With so many copycats around, it’s becoming more challenging for high-performing brands to defend themselves. Effective brands take the right steps to protect their brand. Those include trademarks, domains, or copyrights and patents. If you own a small business, it’s even more crucial to protect your brand identity. Remember, your branding is your money-making tool! You can’t afford to make this asset vulnerable to your competitors or frauds.

5 brands that are doing things right



Where do we even start with this giant? With multiple branding milestones (ex. Changing the Macintosh to Mac in 1998) and brand value of $182.8 billion, they seem to have hit the right notes in branding. Apple’s power lies in so many things—prioritizing customer experience, cultivating brand loyalty, and most importantly, delivering their brand promise.


As what one author claims, Coca-cola doesn’t sell coke; they sell happiness in a bottle. And he is absolutely right! Coca-cola is successful mainly because of their adaptability—staying an industry leader for more than a century is no simple feat. Through it all, Coca-cola has innovated, however, stayed true to their brand identity.


Like other powerful brands in this list, Starbucks has built—and is continuously building—a global iconic brand by doing things differently. However, their most notable feat was understanding their customers. Whether it was through quantitative research or personal conversations with their patrons, Starbucks wisely invested in these precious insights. And because of those, they are continuously proliferating an unrivalled culture—teaching the world how to drink coffee!


IBM’s branding strategy success can be attributed to its Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) program. According to Stephen Zoeller, IBM has a solid IMC program, where they trained their employees to become their own brand champions. This has helped cultivate a strong internal brand-focused approach, further cementing their distinction against their competitors!


Amazon’s brand flies to great heights because of its firm belief in customer obsession. One of the stark examples of this is its acquisition of Zappos, a company that religiously believes in treating employees as its extended families. Another factor is Amazon’s ability to redefine the customer experience. The catalysts? Alexa and Echo, which both offer an interactive and immersive shopping experience for Amazon’s patrons.

Key takeaway

You see? Based on the lists I made above, it’s easy to conclude your brand than just your logo. At the heart of your brand is where your identity and your drive to provide value should lie. And if you need help with your logo, we can help you here at Design Empire.


How to stay inspired as a designer

How to stay inspired as a designer


Being a graphic designer in the Philippines, it really sucks to lose motivation. It’s akin to seeing the light of the end of a tunnel, which dims as the seconds pass by. Now, the good news is we can overcome losing motivation. Does this mean you should go on a sabbatical, though? Einstein, for instance, worked a menial job in a patent office. Interestingly, that was also the time when he got the idea about special relativity. In this article, we’re going to break down the concept of creative blocks. We’ll also give tips on how to overcome them, so you can skip happily to your desk and work again.

What are creative blocks?

Essentially, creative blocks hinder a person from accessing their creativity. Great artists from centuries way back have fought them with blood, sweat, and tears. Some have successfully defeated them, while others have unfortunately succumbed to them. Anyone who works with rigor— writers, poets, graphic designers, programmers, and definitely scientists— can have creative blocks. They can last days, months, or even years. They occur because of psychological, environmental, or individual factors. And, if left unchecked, they will snowball into creative blocks.

Types of creative blocks

There are different types of creative blocks. Some of them truly cripple a creative, while others are still manageable. Do you have any of these creative blocks? Start identifying them and take action before it’s too late.

1. Psychological issues.

Psychological problems can both be the cause and effect of creative blocks. In other instances, an individual simultaneously deals with creative blocks and mental illnesses. The most dangerous aspect is when people fall into Depression. One way or another, they might turn to substance abuse.

2. Organizational barriers.

Organizational creativity can be attributed to a team’s creative efforts in an organization. That’s why an inefficient and unpredictable workplace can also become a block to your creativity. As a result, a company must eliminate its creative roadblocks in its organizational structure, which might be hindering an individual from innovating.

3. Overjustification Hypothesis.

Whether you like it or not, you are both driven by external motivations (salary, recognition, etc.) and internal motivations (passion, personal values, etc.) This is why despite having more of the latter, you might often fall victim to Overjustification Hypothesis. This is the overwhelming fear of criticism, which paralyzes an individual from doing creative work.

4. Habitual blocks.

According to Santosh MS, habitual behaviours sometimes block creativity. They might be holding you back from truly tapping into your creative potential. Despite them being imperative to developing skills, they might also hinder you from thinking differently, which is quintessential in creativity.

5. Perceptual blocks.

Similarly, your own perceptions might also block your creativity. How you see the world might be caging your mind, which you need to free to let ideas flow abundantly. Psychologists call this “Functional Fixity”, which blocks an individual from breaking free from their predisposed beliefs.

How to overcome your creative blocks


When a client is planning to hire a graphic designer, they are expecting outstanding results. This might put pressure on you, letting you focus on the small things instead of fixing the root issues in your work. So, follow these tips to overcome your creative blocks.

1. Stop focusing on your weaknesses.

It’s important to acknowledge your weaknesses; nevertheless, this is a double-edged sword. At the same time, you might also second-guess yourself. As a result, stop focusing on your flaws, failures, and weak points—instead, allocate your attention to your strengths. You’ll never move forward if you keep facing the wall and not the road ahead.

2. Work on changing your environment.

Your environment will inevitably affect your motivation. So, why not break your routine and get out of your comfort zone? If you work in an office, why not ask your boss to let you work in a coworking space this week? Or, if you work at home, why not plan a few weeks of working on the beach? A change of scenery, people, and routines will give you fresher perspectives.

3. Create a realistic schedule.

Ahead of any project, it’s crucial that you set realistic deadlines and agreements. This will free you from the pressure of living up to your client’s unrealistic expectations. Ask yourself: “Am I definitely certain that I can finish this logo by Friday?” To be sure, know the scope of the project, your habits, and your workload. After that, set realistic work periods that suit those aspects and meet the deadline.

4. Take responsibility of your lapses.

This doesn’t mean you should blame yourself though. However, it’s crucial that you practice accountability and stop blaming your girlfriend, your pet, or your family. You might have developed habits that allow you to procrastinate or settle on mediocre work. The good thing about taking responsibility is that you will take action to change or improve your lapses.

5. Do or say something different.

Remember the habitual blocks and perceptual blocks? The key to overcoming those is by doing or saying something different. Don’t be afraid to break the mould and explore unconventional routes. Either of those will definitely give your creativity a restart. Remember, not every design problem requires the same old solution. So, for you to think like a problem-solver, practise by opening your mind to novel ideas and activities.

6. Just. Keep. Working.

Finally, the most important advice we can give you: never stop working. Geniuses, great artists, and brilliant scientists didn’t create great work because they waited for a bout of inspiration. They arrived at success because they kept on working until they produced something great. So, stop waiting for your muse to arrive—chances are, she’s at a vacation and you’re left to your own devices. Start working now!


Being designers, our creativity is our bread and butter—not our jobs or our gigs! Therefore, it’s important that we protect, nurture, and sustain it. If you need help with creative work, we can help you with that. Here at Design Empire, we know that creativity requires work. So, what do you say? Let’s get working.